The Arizona Nonprofit Academy

Julia Patrick - The Arizona Nonprofit AcademyThe Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala interviews distinguished guest Julia Patrick, founder of The Arizona Nonprofit Academy.

The Arizona Nonprofit Academy is an initiative fostered by nonprofits and for profit business. Conceived and developed by the award-winning Frontdoors News publishing team and led by Patrick, the Arizona Nonprofit Academy is a commitment to securing a strong future for the Grand Canyon State’s philanthropic future.

The Arizona Nonprofit Academy is a central resource in developing a vibrant philanthropic base of support which teaches organizations to perform at their highest level in order to achieve their service missions.

Using workshops, panel discussions and conferences, the Arizona Nonprofit Academy campaigns for stronger nonprofit outcomes across the state.

The Arizona Nonprofit Academy brings leadership, education and connectivity with collaboration to Arizona’s nonprofit community. Using workshops and discussion groups supported by annual conferences, the Arizona Nonprofit Academy champions sustainable approaches to philanthropy.

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