Sojourner Center

Dr. Maria Garay - Sojourner CenterThe Nonprofit Journal Live welcomes Dr. Maria Garay from Sojourner Center.

Sojourner Center is one of the country’s largest domestic violence shelters, serving thousands of women and children each year. The organization’s goal is to achieve a world free of domestic violence.

“I envision a world in which every person lives in a safe environment,” said The Nonprofit Journal Founder and President Dee Suomala. “Domestic violence is a huge problem. Victims are often too afraid of letting others know about their abuse—and people who suspect domestic abuse are often reluctant to discuss something so intimate because they don’t want to intrude. We need to change that.”

Through its programs and prevention efforts, and under the leadership of Dr. Garay, Sojourner Center is expanding its services in Arizona’s diverse communities. Dr. Garay’s career is a product of extensive academic training, hands-on experience with at-risk children and domestic violence victims, and a heroic struggle to overcome violence in her own family. Her passion for understanding the roots of domestic violence and for pursuing innovative methods to prevent it have elevated her to prominent leadership in the domestic violence filed.

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