Resetting Culture Norms with AZMEN

Human and sex trafficking - AZMENKathleen Winn from AZMEN joins us to discuss the serious crimes of sex and human trafficking in Arizona. Winn is the executive director of AZMEN, an organization which formed in 2014 to create awareness of this growing epidemic plaguing our community. The organization engages men and teenagers in conversations about the dangers of pornography and other cultural trends that are gateways to sex trafficking. AZMEN intends to reset the culture as it pertains to these issues.

Winn was a former director of Community Outreach for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and most recently produced the World Summit: End Sexual Exploitation 2025, a project done with former President Jimmy Carter, Rotary International and national and international leaders committed to protecting women and children from those who seek to exploit them. Winn is a graduate of the University of Arizona and also a former television journalist.

To listen to this show, click play below.

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