Raise Arizona

Kelly McGowanCarolyn Sechler co-hosts The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala and welcomes Arizona Community Action Association Deputy Director Kelly McGowan.

Kelly launched the Raise Arizona initiative to address the number of working Arizonans living in poverty.

Raise Arizona is a community partnership for living wages that increases the quality of life for residents by raising the wages workers earn, lowering the number of individuals and families experiencing poverty, decreasing the need for social services, and raising the overall health of the state. Raise Arizona recruits, certifies, recognizes, and rewards employers that pay a living wage. In addition, the initiative drives consumer support and dollars to Living Wage Certified businesses in reward for their commitment to pay employees a living wage and their contribution to the community in which they do business. Consumers do their part by shifting dollars they already spend to these businesses.

Raise Arizona is built upon a voluntary partnership between businesses, workers, and consumers and uniquely invites everyone into a proactive collaboration to end poverty.

For more information, visit www.raisearizona.org.

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