ComiCare: Superheroes Bring Smiles to Children in Need

ComicCare superheroesThe first Superman comic book launched in 1938. The ’40s and ’50s saw the birth of Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain America and many other superheroes who fought against forces of evil and protected all mankind. Since then, comic books have become incredibly popular in the United States and around the world—going through many periods of evolution. Some of these superheroes and newer ones have graced the big screen in several multi-million dollar films and TV shows. They are part of American culture and they hold a special place in our hearts and minds.

Today these superheroes are continuing their mission to help those in need by touching the lives of hospitalized children in Arizona through nonprofit ComiCare.

ComiCare delivers donated comic books to children in medical facilities. The delivery is by no means a “normal delivery;” it comes with a special visit from the superhero team from ComiCare—Ironman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and Thor, just to name a few.

The ComiCare superheroes look and feel authentic—they wear incredibly detailed costumes which resemble costumes used in films and TV. These cape crusaders are met with great awe by the kids receiving the comic books, bringing smiles to their lives and letting them know that someone cares about their well-being.

Joe “ZEFF” Hyde and wife Dawn.

Joe “ZEFF” Hyde and wife Dawn.

The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala radio show welcomes Joe “ZEFF” Hyde, president and director of ComiCare. Hyde grew up in Phoenix and became a comic book fan in the late ’80s and early ’90s. He had accumulated a large collection of comic books over the years. Not knowing what to do with them after running out of space in his house, he started looking for ways he could donate them. To his surprise, he wasn’t able to find donation outlets for his comic books. Later when a friend shared his own experience of reading comic books while in the hospital, Hyde’s idea for a charity came to life. He then founded ComiCare.

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