Abuse Prevention Systems and MinistrySafe

Gregory Love - Abuse Prevention Systems and MinistrySafeCarolyn Sechler co-hosts The Nonprofit Journal Live with Dee Suomala radio program. Our guest is Gregory Love, co-founder and director of Abuse Prevention Systems and MinistrySafe.

Gregory is also an attorney at law from Love & Norris, who litigates sexual abuse cases across the country, and consults with nonprofit organizations about the design and implementation of sexual abuse safety systems. Abuse Prevention Systems and MinistrySafe provide live and online training seminars to reduce the risk of sexual abuse in nonprofits. In an average month, eight to nine thousand ministry personnel are trained online through MinistrySafe.

For more information, visit www.abusepreventionsystems.com or www.ministrysafe.com.

To listen to this show, click play below.

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